Can I Get a Senior Discount on Southwest?

Are you looking for Southwest senior fares to save on your travel expenses? Well, you might get a little disappointed as the airline stopped offering these fares on 11 December 2019. Southwest Airlines senior discount is no more a thing. However, seniors can still get some deals and discounts for an affordable journey with the airline.

Moreover, Southwest still offers additional benefits to all its flyers so that they can have a delightful travel experience. These amenities will not disappoint you, and you are guaranteed a memorable time in the air.

However, Southwest Airlines has offered Southwest Airlines senior discounts in the past. Let’s proceed further to learn what these fares were and how you can save money on booking Southwest flight tickets.

Does Southwest still offer senior citizen discounts?

As mentioned, Southwest Airlines doesn’t offer senior citizen discounts. However, there are multiple ways to save your money while making a flight booking with this airline. Southwest Airlines understands that seniors are the most important part of our society. Therefore, it started offering these fares as a token of appreciation. However, now the airline has ended these fares. 

You can’t get Southwest Airlines senior citizen discount now, but Wanna Get Away fares are still there if you wish to save big on your next flight booking. These fares are really beneficial as it lets you confirm your flight booking at minimal fares. So purchase Wanna Get Away fares and travel without costing a fortune.

What was the senior citizen policy on Southwest?

As you know, Southwest Airlines used to offer senior citizen discounts so that senior citizens could travel at pocket-friendly fares. If you are interested in knowing the senior citizen policy of the airline, read out the following points.

  • As per the Southwest Airlines senior citizen policy, passengers who were 65 years or older used to get discounts on the airline.
  • For senior citizens, Business Class fares were also refundable.
  • Moreover, senior citizens didn’t need to pay any change fee with the airline.
  • They were allowed to cancel their bookings within 365 days for flight credits.
  • Senior citizens could also enjoy the bag fly free service of the airline.

However, you can’t get senior discounts now, but you can use other ways to save your money. Connect with the Southwest Airlines customer representative to learn how to save your money when making a flight booking.

What are the other ways to book cheap Southwest flight tickets?

As you know, Southwest Airlines doesn’t directly offer senior fares. But there are certain tips and tricks one can use to book tickets at low fares. With the following hacks, one is ensured to save maximum on their travel expenses. So, if you are ready to make a Southwest Airlines booking at minimal fares, check out the following tips.

Purchase Wanna Get Away fares

To make a flight reservation at low fares, you should purchase Wanna Get Away fares. These fares are the cheapest options if you are looking to save on your travel expenses. Go to the Southwest official site to connect with the travel experts to confirm your flight booking quickly. 

Get Southwest deals and offers

However, you can’t get a Southwest senior discount; you can definitely save your money through the airline’s deals and offers. Moreover, Southwest offers plenty of discounts to help you plan an affordable journey. Visit the official Southwest website to check the list of available deals and discounts. The agents of the airline will enlighten you with the list of current deals.

Book in advance

If you want to book your tickets at low fares, you must prefer to confirm your reservation in advance. Moreover, this great airline offers its flight schedule well in advance, and therefore, you must book your tickets as soon as possible. The earlier you purchase flight tickets, the higher the chances to save on your travel expenses.

Join Southwest Rapid Rewards

However, you can’t get Southwest Airline senior citizen discount; you can easily join the loyalty program of the airline. Join Southwest Rapid Rewards to earn miles in your account and use them for your future bookings. The miles you collect can help you save your money.

Be flexible with your travel dates

Being flexible with your travel dates is one of the best ways to save on your travel expenses. Choose the day on which the flight fares are low, and you have a pocket-friendly journey. On some days, Southwest Airlines fares are high, while on others, these fares are low. Therefore, you must be flexible to avail maximum benefits.

However, no one can get a senior citizen discount on Southwest Airlines, but they can use these tips to fly without putting an extra burden on their pockets.

How can senior citizens book tickets on Southwest Airlines?

Ready to book your flight tickets with Southwest Airlines? There is no need to worry, as you can get your reservation done without any additional effort. Moreover, there are different ways to book your flight tickets with the airline. If you are a senior citizen on Southwest Airlines, you can avail yourself of the benefits of different discounts.

Here are the steps to make a flight booking online with Southwest Airlines.

  • Firstly, visit the Southwest Airlines official site.
  • In the search engine on the homepage, you need to enter all your travel details.
  • Once you have mentioned all your priorities in the given fields, click on the “Search” option.
  • It will open the list of available flights for you. 
  • Choose the flight that suits your budget. 
  • Proceed further and follow the instructions on the screen to confirm your reservation.

Moreover, you can reach out to Southwest representatives to purchase your flight tickets without any hassle.

What is the cheapest day to travel with Southwest Airlines?

If you are looking for the best day to travel with Southwest Airlines at the lowest fares, then Tuesday is your best bet. On this day, you will find extra discounts on flight tickets that will help you save excess on your flight booking. Moreover, you can also prefer to make a reservation on Wednesday for some special deals and offers. Choose any of these days to make a flight booking with Southwest, and complete your journey at minimal fares.

Do senior citizens get priority boarding on Southwest?

No, Southwest Airlines doesn’t offer priority boarding to its senior passengers. However, if any passenger has a disability, he or she can enjoy priority boarding. If you need to board the flight at first, speak to the Southwest agent at the airport. Share your concern with him, and request him priority boarding. The agent will listen to your concern, and you may get priority boarding on the flight.

In conclusion

Still have questions regarding the senior citizen discount of the airline. Get in touch with the airline’s experts to get all your answers for a stress-free experience. The airline’s customer service is reachable all the time to help you with all your queries. Moreover, score different discounts to fly without costing a fortune.

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