What are the Rules of Southwest Airlines Infant Policy?

Planning with an infant can be daunting because they need extra care. But if you are traveling with Southwest Airlines, you don’t have to worry at all. This great airline ensures to provide proper care to all its flyers. However, you must check out the Southwest Airlines infant policy thoroughly to avoid any hassle.

The rules and regulations of this policy are designed while keeping infants’ convenience in mind. However, you should know that a medical release is needed to travel with an infant on the flight. With Southwest, you can bring infants of 14 years on the flight. Bring your little one, and get ready for a memorable journey in the air.

Southwest Airlines Infant Policy - Know all details!

If you are flying with an infant, you must learn about the infant policy in detail to avoid any unwanted hassle. Moreover, the airline designs this policy while keeping your consideration in mind.

Here are some of the important points related to the infant policy of the airline.

  • Southwest allows infants over 14 days to fly with an adult.
  • Children under 2 years can travel with the airline as infants or lap children.
  • If you are flying on Southwest with an infant, you must use the child restraint system (CRS). It enhances the children's safety on aircraft.
  • Moreover, you can also travel on international flights with your infant.
  • There is no need to purchase an extra seat for a lap child.
  • However, if you are traveling with more than one infant, you will have to purchase an extra seat.
  • At the time of check-in, one needs to present a birth certificate.
  • If you are traveling with the child restraint device, you can choose to purchase an extra seat.
  • Make sure to choose Southwest Airlines for traveling with an infant for wonderful services.
  • You need to purchase a ticket for your child if they are turning 2 on the flight.

Keep all these points in mind to travel stress-free with an infant or a lap child.

How to make a Southwest booking with an infant?

Ready to have a comfortable journey with your lap infant? Well, you can make a reservation for both domestic and international flights. Moreover, one needs to follow a few steps online to confirm Southwest Airlines official site reservations quickly.

However, if you wish to add an infant to your existing reservation or book through Rapid Rewards points, you need to call the airline.

Here are the steps to make a booking with an infant.

  • Firstly, go to Southwest Airlines official site.
  • Once you open the official site, add your travel preferences.
  • In the “Passengers” field, add the number of flyers with you. Here you need to mention that you are traveling with lap infants.
  • Proceed further to choose your flight and complete the “Who’s Flying” fields by entering the details of each passenger.
  • If you need to make a change to your booking after adding an infant, you must connect with a Southwest Airlines representative.

The airline will send you a confirmation email after your booking confirmation. Moreover, you can get in touch with travel agents to avail assistance regarding the booking process.

Can I travel with an infant on an international flight?

Yes, infants are allowed to travel on a Southwest international flight. Infants over 14 days and 2 years can travel free of cost on the flight until they are not occupying a seat. They must fly with someone 12 years of age or older. On the Southwest flight, you need to provide proof of age to fly with an infant.  

  • If your infant is traveling as a lap child, you will have to pay the fees or taxes that apply to the international portion of the itinerary.
  • Moreover, make sure to pay all these fees and taxes prior to the journey.
  • For lap child tickets, all forms of payments are accepted except cash and Southwest LUV Vouchers.

Ensure to keep the original form or copy of any government-issued ID throughout the journey. You may need to show the age verification at any point of time. If you have selected Southwest for traveling with an infant, you will have a comfortable journey. 

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What are the Southwest rules for child restraint systems (CRSs) onboard?

Southwest Airlines wants to make sure that each passenger is safe and secure throughout the flight. Therefore, the airline strongly recommends bringing CRS on the flight. However, there are some rules related to bringing child restraint systems on flight. Let’s take a look at these rules.

  • As per the Southwest Airlines infant policy, CRSs will only be placed in windows and middle seats.
  • If the CRS is placed in the middle seat, make sure that it should not prevent window seat passengers from exiting.
  • In case 2 kids are traveling, the airline allows CRSs only in window and middle seats. They can’t be placed on aisle seats.
  • On exit row seats, you can’t place the CRS.

Summing it up

Flying with infants is easier than ever with the infant policy of the airline. Read out the policy carefully to ensure a smooth journey with your little one. Visit the official site now to make a flight booking. Moreover, you can also connect with travel agents to book your flight tickets. Southwest is the perfect airline for a great journey. Moreover, you will get cheap airlines deals on Southwest to fly without burning a hole in your wallet.

Southwest Airlines Infant Policy

Do I need a birth certificate for my infant to fly southwest?

Yes, you have to attach the government-issued ID for your kid on the flight. You can submit their birth certificates, passports, etc.

How do I board a Southwest flight with a baby?

Up to two adults who are flying with kids 6 years or younger can board the flight during Family Boarding. This group boards the flight after boarding group A.

Can you take a car seat on a Southwest flight?

Passengers with kids can bring one Child Restraint Seat (CRS) and one stroller on the flight. Moreover, there will be no extra charges for it.

Do airlines check birth certificates for babies?

However, the TSA doesn’t require you to bring identification documents of kids when they are flying with their parents. But, airlines may ask you to submit the birth certificate as identification proof.

Do I need to purchase an extra seat for an infant?

If you are traveling with a lap child, there is no need to purchase an extra seat for your child. However, if you are flying with more than one kid, you will need to purchase an extra seat for the journey.

Can I travel with my infant on an international flight?

Infants over 14 days and under 2 years can travel free of cost on an international flight. However, they should be accompanied by an adult.

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