What is the Southwest Airlines Pet Policy?

Do you have a fluffy friend that you can’t leave alone at home while traveling? Well, Southwest Airlines has come to your rescue. The airline has a simple pet policy that allows you to bring small vaccinated domestic dogs and cats on the flight. Moreover, these small pets can travel in the cabin with you. If you are also flying with the pet, make sure to explore Southwest Airlines pet policy in advance. The policy is comprehensive and has been designed while keeping the pet’s comfort in mind. So let’s proceed further and check out this policy in detail.

Southwest Airlines Pet Policy - Get all details!

As mentioned, the pet policy of the airline is simple, and you will not need any expert assistance to understand it. Ensure to check out all the points carefully for a hassle-free trip with the airline. 

As per the Southwest pet policy, you can only travel with small vaccinated dogs and cats on the flight. 

Moreover, they should be a proper pet carrier that can be stowed under the seat.

However, pets are not permitted to fly in the cabin on international flights.

Southwest allows only 6 pets per flight, and all pets are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, circumstances may permit more or less than 6 pet kennels per flight.

You have to check in for your pet at the ticket counter; however, you can complete your check-in process online.

You have to pay the Southwest pet fee to bring your pet on the flight with you. 

Pets that have disruptive behavior will be denied boarding.

How to add a pet to Southwest flight?

Do you want to travel with your fluffy on the flight? Yes, then you should make a booking with Southwest at the earliest to have a smooth journey with your lovely pet on the flight. 

You have to make a reservation for your pet in advance. Give a call at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792) to book Southwest pet travel. On the day of the journey, bring your pet in an appropriate carrier at the ticket counter. Complete the check in process for the pet, and pay an applicable fee. After that, proceed to the departure gate to board the flight conveniently. However, Southwest doesn’t let pets in the cabin on international flights. Moreover, pets are also not permitted on an itinerary that has an international flight.

What is the Southwest Airlines pet fee?

When you book pet travel with Southwest, you need to pay a certain fee. To make a pet booking with Southwest, you need to pay $95 as a pet fee each way per pet kennel. Your pet should be in the Southwest Airlines pet carrier for a comfortable journey. 

Please note that the pet fee is refundable. You can easily claim a refund if you cancel the pet travel with the airline. Moreover, if Southwest cancels your flight and you choose not to rebook, you must request a refund from the airline. Connect with the Southwest Airlines executives at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792) to request your request. Moreover, you can visit the ticket counter at the airport to claim your refund. Note that the pet fee is subject to change at any moment. Southwest allows flying with pets by paying this appropriate fee.

What are pet carrier requirements? 

As mentioned above, you have to bring your pet in an appropriate kennel so that they can stay comfortable throughout the flight. Make sure that the pet carrier meets all the size requirements for a hassle-free trip. Moreover, you can buy the branded pet carrier of Southwest at $58 online or at any ticket counter of the airline. According to the pet policy of Southwest Airlines, the pet kennels are non-refundable. 

Here are the guidelines related to the pet carriers. 

The branded pet carrier of Southwest is 17” long x 9.5” high x 10” wide.

However, you can bring another pet carrier with maximum dimensions of 18.5” L x 8.5” H x 13.5” W.

Make sure that the pet carrier is well-ventilated and leak-proof.

Both hard-sided and soft-sided pet carriers are acceptable.

The pet carrier should be placed under the seat available in your front.

According to the Southwest Airlines animal policy, the airline permits one pet carrier per flyer.

  However, you can bring two cats or dogs of the same species in one pet kennel. 

Check out the carrier guidelines carefully so that the pet can move or stand comfortably in the kennel.

Pets should be in the carrier for the entire duration of the flight. 

The airline accepts pet carriers either as carry-on items or personal items. Therefore, you can bring one personal item or a carry-on bag on the flight in addition to the pet carrier.

If you have chosen Southwest for traveling with pets, you have made the right choice. 

What are the pet travel restrictions?

While planning pet travel with Southwest, you should know that there are some restrictions. Let’s check out these restrictions to avoid any unwanted hassle.

Pets can’t travel with unaccompanied minors with Southwest.

Moreover, the airline doesn’t accept pets without a passenger.

If you are traveling with a pet, you can’t sit on the exit row seat or a seat that doesn’t have forward under-seat storage.

According to the Southwest dog policy, your dog has to be 8 weeks old to board the flight. The rule is the same for cats.

Southwest only accepts pets as carry-on or personal items. Pets are not permitted as checked baggage. 

The animal must be odorless, harmless, and non-disruptive. 

Moreover, the animal can’t share the pet carrier with a trained service animal.

There are no medical facilities available on the flight if the animal becomes ill on the flight. Southwest holds no liability for the well-being and health of the pet.

If the pet is flying with a portable oxygen concentrator, you may have to purchase an additional seat. 

As per the Southwest Airlines dog policy, dogs and cats can’t travel on international flights. 

*Keep all points in mind for a stress-free experience with the airline. 

How much does it cost to fly a dog Southwest?

To bring your dog on the flight, you have to pay $95 as a pet travel fee. Go to the ticket counter at the airport to pay for the pet and complete the check-in procedure. Moreover, this fee is refundable, and you can request a refund after canceling your booking. According to the Southwest Airline dog policy, you can bring two dogs of the same species in the same pet carrier.

Wrapping it up

Ready to fly stress-free with your furry kid? Choose Southwest as your travel companion, and fly to your destination without any trouble. The airline has a simple policy that lets you book pet travel with much ease. Check out the above-mentioned points to ensure an effortless trip with your pet. So go ahead, and give a call at the official Southwest phone number to book pet travel with the airline. Call now!

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