Southwest Airlines Military Discount - Empowering Heroes with Great Discounts!

Southwest is one of the best airlines when it comes to offering impeccable services. The only mission of the airline is to support its passengers. Moreover, the airline is committed to supporting brave women and men who fight for our freedom. Therefore, the airline offers the Southwest Airlines military discount to simplify travel for government and military customers. 

If you are an active military personnel, you can avail benefits of military discounts to save extra on your booking. The airline doesn't hesitate to salute those who protect our freedom with its wings of appreciation. Get on the wings of gratitude, and embark on your dream flight to explore new horizons. Want to know more about these discounts by the airline? Read the following information carefully.

Does Southwest Offer A Military Discount?

When you travel with Southwest, you are guaranteed to enjoy maximum deals and discounts. The airline offers special discounts for military officials so that they fly at minimal fares to their destinations. Get your hands on the Southwest military discount if you are an active military member, and enjoy additional savings.

With these special discounts, you can save 5% or more on your reservation. Moreover, you will enjoy additional perks of military benefits. Even if you are making a last-minute booking, you can easily save on your travel expenses with these discounts.

How to get Military Discount on Southwest Airlines?

Are you currently serving in the military? If yes, then you should feel happy because Southwest offers incredible deals and offers to help you plan a budget-friendly trip. Moreover, you can easily get a military discount on flights of Southwest to shed off extra bucks and fly affordably. 

However, you should note that you can’t fetch these discounts from the official website of the airline. You need to connect with airline executives to find the right offer for your journey. 

  • Firstly, dial the official Southwest Airlines number.
  • Get in touch with the representatives, and ask about the military discounts.
  • After that, the assigned agent will need some of your details so that your eligibility can be verified.
  • Share your documents and your valid military ID.
  • If you are eligible for it, the airline executive will provide you with an incredible deal.

So go ahead, and dial Southwest Airlines military discount phone number to grab the right deal for your journey. Moreover, the agents of the airline will also help you with additional information. Are you a family member of military officials? You are also eligible for these discounts for an affordable journey.

Southwest Airlines military discount - Know essential guidelines!

Ready to fetch the military discount on Southwest Airlines? Well, you should know about important guidelines to enjoy unlimited benefits and make the most of your military fares. Let’s take a look at the essential guidelines before booking military discounts.

  • The military discount on Southwest Airlines is available only for active military personnel.
  • Moreover, the family members of military officials can also avail benefits of these discounts. 
  • You need to share your valid military ID if you want to get these discounts for your booking.
  • If you are the partner of the military member, you can enjoy priority spouse boarding.
  • These special discounts are also available for National Guard and Reserves.
  • With these discounts, military members can save upto 5% on their reservations.
  • Please note that you can’t fetch the military discount online. For this, you need to get in touch with the airline agent on the call.

Apply the military discount while making Southwest Airlines ticket reservation, and shave off extra bucks. 

Is the military discount available for military veterans?

Are you a military veteran who is looking for exceptional discounts on flight booking? Well, you are not eligible for the military discount of the airline. However, you can avail of some special offers for a pocket-friendly journey. 

  • Reach out to Southwest representatives over the call, and ask for special discounts.
  • Make sure to share that you are a military veteran.
  • The agent may ask for documentary evidence for the same. 
  • Provide all the needed details, and the executive will facilitate you with a special discount.
  • With the discount, you can easily save on your travel expenses.
  • However, there is no such thing as Southwest Airlines military veteran discount, but you can save extra with other special offers.

What are the military travel policies of Southwest Airlines?

If you are ready to fetch the military discount of the airline, you must check out the following policies for additional details,

Military boarding

Active duty military members will be facilitated with plenty of benefits, and one such benefit is priority boarding. The airline is proud to serve all the National Heroes; therefore, it offers different perks to simply travel for them. They will board the flights between A and B boarding groups. However, a valid military ID is needed for the verification to book airline tickets with a military discount on Southwest.

Military baggage and cargo

Military members can travel with additional pieces of baggage without any extra charges. To receive the exemption, military members should have a valid military ID. Military officials should not be exempted from the baggage limitations of 2 bags, and there will be no fee for overweight, oversize, or excess baggage. The maximum size and weight limitations of bags must be 80 inches and 100 pounds, respectively. Moreover, military personnel can’t check more than 20 bags per flight.

Government and military fares

Southwest offers military and government fares to appreciate our heroes who are dedicated to serving the nation. Military fares are available for active duty military officials and their authorized dependents. Government fares can’t be booked online. You have to connect with the airline executives over the call to book government fares. After booking, you will enjoy automatic check-in 36 hours prior to your flight. With both these fares, you can easily book Southwest Airlines cheap flights. 

Travel with military working dogs

As a part of the military working dog team, military working dogs can travel on the Southwest flight. However, the dog should be accompanied by a trained canine and a trained military handler. Moreover, Southwest lets fully trained service dogs and rescue dogs travel for free. But they should be with their respective handlers.

In conclusion

I hope now you have all the necessary information that will help you book the Southwest Airlines military discount with much ease. With these discounts, they can save a significant amount on their travel expenses. Get in touch with the Southwest executives to grab the military discount and maximize your savings. Call now to book!

FAQs- Southwest Airlines Military Discount

Does Southwest offer a military discount?

Yes, Southwest Airlines offers military discounts to all active military personnel as a token of gratitude. Military members and their families get great discounts on Southwest Airlines.

Does Southwest have a discount for the retired military?

Veterans Advantage members get great discounts on Southwest Airlines. Moreover, they will get other benefits as well in addition to the low fares of the airline.

Does military get to board first on Southwest?

Yes! Military members get preboarding on the Southwest flight. The airline lets all military members board between boarding groups A and B who don’t receive A boarding group.

How do military members get discounts on Southwest?

Military members need to call the official number of the airline. To verify your eligibility, the agent will ask for some of your details. Provide those details along with your valid military ID. Once your eligibility is verified, you will get a coupon code from the airline.

What are other benefits for military members?

In addition to deals and discounts from the airline, military members can fly with additional pieces of luggage without any extra charges.

What is the cheapest day to fly on Southwest Airlines?

Tuesday is considered to be the cheapest day to fly with Southwest Airlines. On this day, the airline offers great deals and offers.

Does Southwest offer sales?

Yes, this great airline offers plenty of sales throughout the year so that you can fly at the cheapest fares to your destination.

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